Project - Sentinel Chain

The Sentinel Chain (https://sentinel-chain.org/) is a global B2B marketplace for financial services accepting the use livestock as collateral. It addresses two main issues to be solved to allow the asset tokenization of livestock: First, the creation of a process that transforms livestock from ‘dead capital’ to a fungible asset with a transparent and clear defined value. Second, the creation of an open and transparent marketplace that connects the unbanked to the network of global financial providers. Sentinel Chain is a private Blockchain that apply Smart Contracts. Technologies: Parity, Ethereum, PoA consensus, mining process, PoA Bridge (communication between different Blockchains, ex: a user in the Ethereum network can transfer ETH to Sentinel Chain). The founders won “Entrepreneur Of The Year” in 2018 and LOTUS SOFT has been the main Technical Vendor of Sentinel Chain for nearly 02 years.

Adobe projects for leading companies in Australia

We have implemented several projects applying Adobe Experience Manager & Adobe Target for a bank in Australia, and an Australia's biggest multichannel wagering brand:
AEM Site:
- Created and developed components, and dialogs utilizing the AEM architecture, encompassing Sling, CRX, JCR
- Worked on OSGi component, OSGi service, OSGi configuration
- Optimized content delivery, ensured scalability and security through AEM Dispatcher configuration.
- Develop AEM workflows to automate essential processes, streamlining construction and management tasks for enhanced efficiency, simplicity, and precision.
- Designed and developed Sling Servlets and Sling Services to create robust and efficient APIs for interacting with AEM content and services, Sling Job to create background jobs.
- Develop and configure AEM Content Fragments and AEM Experience Fragments to enable the reuse of content and design elements across different pages and sites, ensuring a consistent user experience.
- Manage and organize AEM Assets, ensuring they are properly categorized, tagged, and easily retrievable for content authors and developers.
- Create plugin tools

Adobe Target:
- Audience Segmentation: Created and managed audience segments to target specific user groups.
- Activities: Serve personalized content and experiences to different audience segments.
- Support A/B testing and Experience targeting testing (XT testing) for marketing
- Integrate Adobe loaded target event to web, mobile

Project - FarmTrek

This multi-million dollar project is a collaboration of a famous Singapore Fintech company, Myanmar Ministry of Livestock Veterinary & Breeding (LVBD), and Mynamar Insurance Company. FarmTrek App is designed to help 37M farmers in Myanmar and (soon) other countries to register their livestock’s information so that they can receive loans from financial institutions both locally and abroad. In order to ensure mass adoption on multiple types of mobile device, and keep the maintenance cost low, FarmTrek is built by Xamarin. Moreover, the App is running smoothly on low-configuration devices in Myanmar & unstable internet condition in Myanmar. Other tech points: NFC, Real-time update, Data Compression & Encryption, Multi languages, Backward versions compatible, and Thousands of Test cases to ensure this Banking app is always stable.

Project - SisterWorks' e-Hub

SisterWorks’ e-Hub works in partnership with the UNWomen SCE (Second Chance Education) program in Australia, to deliver digital educational content for women from Indigenous, displaced, migrant, refugee, and low-income backgrounds. The aim is to provide meaningful educational and employment pathways through formal education, vocational education, and entrepreneurship training. Technologies: Xamarin, .NET, Rest APIs, Video Streaming.

Project - Wada Store

An App Store by WADA to allow user download & install mobile applications. Features: Install apps with different methods (downloading to PC, OTA, via QR code scanning), App rating & sharing, Bulk apps download / install, Recommended app, Search, Statistic, Single Sign On, Scalability – this system can serve up to 45.000 requests/second and 26M sessions with only 8GB RAM server, Shared memory helps to prevent losing of user information when server overloads and stop.

Project - Channel

Our client wanted a Chat Application to help people communicate more efficient, effective and personal. User can share text, photos, video, emoji, create Chat Room and Sub Room (Channel)

Project - Plexr

A distinctive featured chat application that allows users to share contents from Vine/Instagram/Youtube/Phone gallery and instantly watch their friend’s reactions via live-time videos. Technologies include Realtime Messaging, Video Recording & Sharing, Amazon EC2 & S3, Scalability

Project - ACEShare

- A Game Item Exchange based on Blockchain.
- Connect different games via APIs and let user to exchange goods/items between games and users.
- All transactions are saved in Blockchain.
- System has its own token: ACECoin.
- Buy/sell items with ACECoin.
- Crypto Wallet.
- Buy ACECoin with card code BIT.
- Admin System.
- http://aceshare.io/